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The BTS ring has long been part of the organization. The ring was designed in collaboration with the other two technical schools in Norway, Trondheim and Oslo, which had similar rings. The ring was made by a joint goldsmith in Kristiania (Oslo) from around 1920. NMBU also has a similar candidate ring. The ring is an exclusive and beautiful memory made of 14 carat (585) white and yellow gold. 


Circumference below 60 mm - 6,150 kroner (incl. VAT) 

Circumference over 60 mm - 7,200 kroner (incl. VAT) 


To be able to buy the ring, you must: 

  • be a graduate student at HVL - Bergen

  • have at least one consecutive year in BTS

Do you want to order the ring? Then we ask you to fill in this form:

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