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Studenter utenfor gikk i regnet

BTS Sports

The sports team at HVL Bergen

Much more than just studies!

BTSI is the student sports association at Høgskulen på Vestlandet, campus Bergen. As a student sports association, our focus is on gathering students from different studies through playing sports. Our goal is to deliver a good sports offer to all our students.

With us, everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you are an experienced football player or a beginner in tennis. We emphasize that all our members will receive a social benefit from being part of BTSI, and we arrange various events throughout the year for all teams.

BTSI offers a wide range of sports, from ball sports such as football to cheerleading and climbing. We know that student sports are important for the study period, so if you do not find the sport you could imagine, BTSI is always open to new sports. We will of course help you start a new team. Then just send us an e-mail (!


All teams have open training at the beginning of the semester, so then all you have to do is put on your training clothes and join. To be part of one of the teams, you are required to pay a membership fee that the sports team sets. For more information about the teams and training times, you may want to search their pages on Facebook. You can find these by searching for e.g. «BTSI handball» (remember BTSI in front).

Every year, a new board is elected to run BTS sports. The board consists of a chairman, deputy chairman, secretary and web manager, hall and equipment manager, marketing manager, event manager and finance manager. The board is responsible for the day-to-day operations and responsibility for BTSI to offer the best of student sports. The annual meeting is at the end of February. BTSI is always looking for passionate people so do not hesitate to apply if it is tempting.

We guarantee unity, sports enjoyment and friendship. Become part of the gang!

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