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Booking of the music container


Music container is located by the O-building. It has a full back line, and is available to all students at HVL. For further questions and information, contact us here.

To access the music container:

Fill out this contract.

Submit your contract here.

3. You will receive feedback by e-mail with a code to the door.

Booking of the music container

Here you can borrow equipment such as Nore Stage 3, wax AC15, Peavey bandit, Pearl export drum kit, 2 PA systems, Soundbox and various cables.

To borrow equipment:

Fill out this contract

Submit your contract here

3. You will receive feedback by email with confirmation


We also have a desktop computer with a machine license on Adobe Creative Cloud, which can be borrowed as long as it is not in use by anyone else. The machine is in our office and is connected to the HVL domain. This means that you can log in with your student number!

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