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BTS has a rich history and a lot has happened since the establishment of the student community in 1877. Below we will take a look at some of the events that have taken place over the years.


Bergen Technical School was established and started its business this year. The building the school moved into is located across the street from Bergen Public Library in Strømgaten, at the address Strømgaten 1. At this time, the location of the building was considered outside the city center. The first lines at the school were technical lines for electronics and mechanical engineering.

The school building in Strømgaten was built from 1875 to 1877, when the building was taken into use. For the construction of the building, 12,000 special grants were awarded from the Bergen Craftsmen's Association as an interest-free loan, 5,000 spd. of the Sunday school funds, 4,000 spd. of Bergen Sparebank and 3,000 spd. of The Useful Society. And Bergen City Council decided to grant 33,738 spd. to the construction of the building.



After a year at school, students at the technical school begin to apply for something more than just study and begin with singing in the evenings. They are also participating in the May 17 procession.



After two years at the school, the students find out that they are going to establish their own student community. November 21, 1877, therefore, the student society Regulatoren is established.



Bergen Technical School will be closed down following a city council decision which is further based on a Storting decision. The school changed its name to Bergen Technical Middle School, but the school's teachers, building and equipment were transferred to the Middle School.



Bergen Teknikersamfund is established, a continuation of the student community Regulatoren from Bergen Tekniske skole.



The school changes its name back to Bergen Technical School.



BTS takes over the old premises after the German command center at Nordnes. The command center was used during World War II and then abandoned, until ambitious technicians found it too stupid that these premises should be left unused. The premises are thus converted into a nightclub and concert stage (s) and Bergen's by far the largest restaurant. The premises at Nordnes will be named Teknikerkroen.

Many hours of work have gone into making this a place worth visiting. Former students have even written their dissertations in connection with the bunker.


In the autumn of 2014, the college will move into the new premises at Kronstad. Here, students are promised a building with offices and bar rooms available to student organizations. The college turns and allocates the first floor to the student organizations, with the promise that the H-building will eventually be converted into a full-fledged student house. BTS will have the largest office, separated from the intended bar area. Student democracy gets the neighboring office. The remaining area is divided between the working committee, organizational secretary and bar operations. During his time at Nygård, BTS was solely responsible for serving and running bars at the college's premises. At Kronstad, the situation is changing. New fields of study come into the picture and a desire to keep bar operations and BTS separate ends with the organization Kronbar emerging.

Core board member Peter had an opinion that the organization needed a car for various purposes. He consequently went to the personal purchase of a white Toyota Hiace. This was foiled in beautiful purple and covered with BTS's logo, before he offered the organization to buy it. This was done, and the car was then christened Petra as a gesture to Peter. What would we not be without it? Thank you Peter!

Historical basis is taken from the National Library and the student community's own publications, minutes and more. The summary is an initiative of Andreas Nilsen Landøy, who was Chairman from 2020 to 2021. A big thank you to the former Chairman, Leif Eskedal, for his contributions!

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