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The Winter Games

BTS winter games are the organizers behind the fat mountain trip which is arranged in January every school year. We at BTS Winter Games work to arrange a mountain hike with activities for everyone, whether it is to stand on the slopes from sunrise to midnight or just enjoy the après ski and music to the fullest. This is an event for all students, where there are activities and other students for everyone's taste. This is a fantastic opportunity to both go on a friend trip and get to know lots of other students!


The Winter Games' board consists of a manager, deputy manager, finance manager, event manager, marketing manager, sponsor manager and booking manager. These positions are chosen at the beginning of the spring semester, right after the winter games are arranged. In addition to these positions, we are completely dependent on a super working group! The working group helps the board with work tasks, promotion and other work tasks. The working group is selected at the beginning of the autumn semester, where everyone can come for an interview. 


You will find us at  Facebook 


BTS Gummibåt

BTS Gummibåt was founded in 2022 as an activity group under BTS (Bergen Teknikersamfund) at Høgskulen på Vestlandet, Bergen. This activity group was founded because there was a lack of an activity group that only focused on getting to know each other better, as well as creating a safe and social arena for everyone, no matter who you are, what you do or what you like. We want to build a great psychosocial environment based on everything being low-threshold and for everyone.


We organize various activities during each semester such as the Gummibåtfestival, mountain trips, swimming, barbecues, volleyball, bowling and more. Our members also play a key role as they often get to help decide which activities we will do together. Like the rest of the BTS, Gummibåt is managed on a voluntary basis by students at HVL.

You will find us at Instagram


BTS Events is a subgroup in BTS that arranges everything from big to small. We have 6 positions on our board, where some are elected in the autumn and some are elected in the spring. We also have a working group that helps the board to carry out the events. The working group is chosen as needed, but most often at the beginning of the autumn semester.


BTS Events arranges several small events throughout the year, such as game nights, movie nights and theme parties. We also arrange larger events such as Rosettballet, which is the graduation ball for the students at HVL-Bergen.


Events consists of a board consisting of Leader, Deputy Leader, financial assistant, marketing manager and 2x event manager. Events also has a working group of varying size that helps the board with what is needed throughout the semester


BTS Cares

BTS Cares consists of a leader and three members. The leader and one member are elected in the spring, and two members are elected in the autumn. We also have a working group that helps us carry out our events.

BTS Cares is responsible for hosting several events to make it easier for students to participate in charitable work. We were established as a subgroup in 2015. We have our events such as Knit and Sip, charity races, gift collecting close to Christmas and Charity evenings with fundraising. It is the students' involvement in charitable work that drives BTS Cares, and we will constantly come up with more events that can help even more people to get involved. We want to show that we care about our fellow students and the society we live in.

You will find us at Facebook

Sew yourself new

Sew yourself new wants to give you as a student the opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe in an economical, social and not least environmentally friendly way.
-This by arranging free sick evenings and a change of clothes party for everyone at the college!


On sewing evenings, we provide sewing machines, fabric, needle & thread, painters and everything you could need. Here you can repair your worn trousers, create new life in the sweater at the back of the closet or sew yourself something completely new. The offer is open to everyone, amateur or expert. There are always skilled sewing teachers available and projects for every level.


Sew you new has a board of three people; one leader and two board members. These work closely together on planning, promoting and implementing sick evenings. In addition, you take part in collecting clothes in advance of the change of clothes party.


Sew yourself new is a creative group that is always open to new ideas and further development.


You will find us at  Facebook !


Teknolikken Brass band

We have a long tradition with our wind orchestra Teknolikken. This is a bunch of music lovers with varying degrees of skill. They welcome you whether you are actively playing or finally want to start.
Rehearsals take place every Tuesday. Throughout the semester, they perform at several events, and of course perform with their own fleet in the May 17 procession.

There are two positions in Teknolikken; Leader and Deputy Leader and then tasks are distributed among the rest of the members. The group varies in size, but there are around 15 pieces in total. 

Check us out  Facebook  for information on everything possible, or use the contact form on the right
Do you dare to press the button?

Band Committee

In the band committee we find BTS and Kronbar's Husband. The house band is managed by the leader of the band committee and holds regular concerts and JAM at Kronbar. The house band has also been known for playing up to dance during the annual House Party which is held inside the school.

In the Band Committee, we also find the sound and lighting technical manager who has control of the technical during the revue, the house party and equipment in the music container. 

The band committee also manages the rental of the music container. If you want to rent it, you will find more information here .



Do you love to make people laugh? Are you creative, can sew or are good at light and sound? Or do you just want to be part of something social? Then the revue is for you! 


The revue is something we are very happy about. In 2014, it went from being the teachers' domain, to an inclusive group for all students at HVL. The performance comes through talented writers, actors, technicians and costume / stage group!


The revue is a five-year-old tradition at Kronstad, but it is uncertain when BTS first started making revues. Rumor has it that it is over 100 years ago! For the past five years, the revue has taken up and ridiculed current affairs with the following revue titles:


  • 2015: Crisis Disorders

  • 2016: Sølvrekken

  • 2017: Hard conditions, BTS for 140 years

  • 2018: Violation party

  • 2019: Generation Depression

  • 2020: Wonderful World


As part of the BTS revue, you can participate in making sketches, music, joy and laughter together with other students at HVL. The revue gives you a golden opportunity to get to know others.


The revue consists of the following subgroups:


  • Actors

  • Band

  • Costume and stage

  • Technical

The groups each have their own leader in Stage and costume manager, Actor manager, Conductor and finally the review manager who leads the gang throughout the period. 


Check us out  Facebook  more stuff!


Band Committee

In the band committee we find BTS and Kronbar's Husband. The house band is managed by the leader of the band committee and holds regular concerts and JAM at Kronbar. The house band has also been known for playing up to dance during the annual House Party which is held inside the school.

In the Band Committee, we also find the sound and lighting technical manager who has control of the technical during the revue, the house party and equipment in the music container. 

The band committee also manages the rental of the music container. If you want to rent it, you will find more information here .



BTS Stock club was founded in the autumn of 2008 as a subgroup of Bergen Teknikersamfund (BTS), and consists of students from Høgskulen på Vestlandet campus Bergen. Our main activity is to manage the BTS fund, which is part of BTS 'long-term capital investments. It was established in March 2015 with NOK 170,000 as start-up capital. The goal is to manage the portfolio in a sensible and future-oriented way, and the investment philosophy is therefore based on long-term investments and diversification. Clear guidelines have been arranged for managing the portfolio to ensure a solid foundation for the stock trading.


The stock club aims to increase awareness, knowledge and commitment around shares and financial instruments among students at HVL. Within the group, emphasis is placed on building a strong professional environment in order to secure a solid foundation for the investments. To achieve our vision of strengthening the student body's knowledge of stock trading, we arrange a larger event every spring. This is aimed at all the major student institutions in Bergen and takes place on the Kronstad campus.


BTS Invest consists of a board of five and a working group of varying sizes. Together, we work with analyzing various industries and companies to follow up the portfolio and to find attractive new investments.


You will find us at  Facebook  and by contacting here .

Aksjeklubben BTS.jpg

Career Day

Career Day is one of the largest events for BTS throughout the year. Here, the business community gets in touch with the students and vice versa. A good opportunity to get in touch with companies within their field of study and a great opportunity to get both a summer and a permanent job. It is no secret that most companies are private players, but also companies from the health and municipal sector can be seen. This is so that all fields of study are represented.

The career day consists of a board with a Leader, Deputy Leader, Event Manager, 2x company manager and 2x marketing manager. The board recruits a number of company sponsors during the autumn and they get a unique opportunity to get extra close to the companies they are responsible for and also have a place at the company's table during Career Evening.

Check out Career Day at  Facebook  or send a question in the form to the right

More information about the actual Career Day and Career Evening can be found on this page: 

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BTS Chess

BTS Chessclub was founded fall of 2022 as a sub-group of Bergen Teknikersamfund (BTS). It consists of students attending HVL Campus Bergen. We`re a group of people that love playing chess over the board as a group. We have six wood-crafted boards and meet up approx. once a month to play together. The meetings are on HVLs student-pub, Kronbar. Chess is for all people, regardless of skill, and we welcome everyone with a wish to learn or just play to come by!


In the future the board aims to host social events and competitions. You`ll find us at facebook and instagram at “sjakkbts”.



TVIST-dotten is a humorous May 17 newspaper that has a long history in Bergen. The newspaper was first published in 1936 under the name "Lydpotten", but already the following year the name was changed to TVIST-dotten. The DOUBT DOT often referred to as Dotten has been published every year since 1936, with the exception of the war years.


Dotten addresses current topics and well-known events over the past year, with a humorous and ironic twist. After all, Dotten is a satire newspaper. The Wikipedia article about the TVIST dot states: "It is not uncommon for the newspaper to contain articles with very little root in reality." We could not have said it better. There has recently been some disagreement about how the TVIST dot should be written, but the current spelling is the TVIST dot. Previously, both the dispute dot, the TVIST dot and other variants have been written, but the correct name for the newspaper is the TVIST dot. Previously, the newspaper has adorned itself with a green color, but this was changed around the year 2007 to be red. The newspaper is written by a writing group consisting of volunteer students affiliated with the University College of Western Norway. It will then be sold by the same volunteers, possibly supplemented by a few more in the main procession on 17 May.


Bergen Teknikersamfund is the responsible publisher of the newspaper. All inquiries regarding the TVIST dot are made by e-mail:


The market group

Have you seen purple sweaters wandering around the school, or seen the name BTS appear on social media? Maybe you have observed a purple car in the streets of Bergen?  Profiling  is responsible for reaching out to the students at HVL, campus Bergen. The goal is for everyone to know about BTS, our vision, and what we can offer. The study time is much more than just reading, and the students will experience it for themselves!


BTS Cars:  At BTS, we are so lucky that we have our own van at our disposal. The car is a Toyota Hiace, better known as the Petra. Many people are afraid that Petra will suddenly, one day, break down. But if you treat a Petra well, she gives back twice, at least! The car can be used by internal in BTS who should need a slightly larger car to move something, or someone. The car is mainly used by students and beneficiaries within BTS, but line associations get a small discount if they have an agreement with us.

There are slightly different positions in the market group: Finance Manager, Web Manager, Graphic Manager and Car Technical Manager. These positions often have a working group that helps to operate the various areas of responsibility and all correspond to the Marketing Manager in the Core Board. 

English:  The marketing group is responsible for the internal marketing and targets the students at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, campus Bergen. We are making sure every student knows what BTS is, what events you can attend, what we can offer and general promotion.

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